There are so many projects going all at once and sometimes we get so involved in toiling away that we forget the most important things. I have watched my husband Bob day after day work to make this old, old building our home. He always works to make it the best he can. Where he gets the knowledge and skills to do some of those things, I don’t know. What I do know is that he is so dedicated and caring. Thank you, Bob for all of it!!


We have had so many people stopping to ask what we are building.. a deck?… a balcony? Does this honestly look like a deck? Would someone build a deck/balcony on the roof?? It’s just a platform for painting up high. (Elaine is NOT fond of heights.)


Removed the last of the kitchen chimney and cabinet underneath. We were going to leave¬†the exposed bricks in the corner of the kitchen, but decided the grout was too old and not very strong any more. Now we are building a new “chimney area” with the original bricks as a feature in the kitchen – part of our design to use original materials in a new/different way.


Last week we installed our new timbers (6×6 and 2×6’s) in the laundry room floor. They are beautiful and fit just right. Now it is all stable and level and ready for the subflooring to be put down. It feels really good to be putting things together and not just tearing things down.


This is the stacked up wood that has been recycled from the house as we tear down, fix up and rebuild. We have a whole room dedicated to storing things to repurpose in this beautiful old house. I had no idea the lumber would be so beautiful after 150+ years. When it is drilled or cut, the wood smells like new lumber – except better! It is better than any wood you can buy now.


With the lathe and plaster coming out of the doctor’s office, you can see through the walls to the living room and into the kitchen. We went to the Rebuilding Center in Portland and found 3 old sinks, a light fixture for my knob & tube creation, a large kitchen window and a water closet (toilet). Got a smokin’ deal on porcelain tile for the laundry room and mudroom. It’s beginning to feel a little bit real…