Finally got rid of the “scary” sawdust room (cold storage room). Bob tore down walls, scooped the sawdust into the tractor’s bucket and I spread it all over the yard. We will till it in to improve the soil. Each time Bob scooped, we searched through the sawdust for “treasures” and found a lot of things. Funny how the junk that they were getting rid of becomes our special finds. Wondering…. why would they toss their junk into the sawdust filling the 2 foot wide walls surrounding the storage room???

Evolution #2

Evolution #2Today Bob discovered that the wall between the pantry and laundry was NOT load bearing. So we removed it and now have a much bigger, better layout. I had been struggling with these 2 small rooms. Now it’s awesome!! I think Bob and I make a great design pair.


   I think that the one thing that has surprised me the most is how well this house was built. It has full size lumber even in the sheds attached to the house. Things are so well built that we have changed our minds about tearing down the main shed/garage. You can see the 1X12 boards used to build the roof are in such good shape that it would be a shame to take them down… even if we were going to reuse them. Of course, that means that it saves $$$ too! The plans just continue to evolve as we explore the “insides” of the structures. It’s pretty exciting for us. This picture is the sawdust-filled cold storage shed which is beyond saving.




The living room is the first room to be stripped of everything – lathe and plaster, a “tiny” bit of wiring, & woodwork. We saved the knob & tube from the old electrical – I have plans for those little treasures. Bob found a large, mummified rat (about 100 years old) in the ceiling. It is all cleaned up and now it’s easier to imagine what it might look like in the future. Excited!!!


The story is…. the house was built by a doctor in 1860. We wondered why there was a 2nd door right beside the main entrance. Now we think it was the doc’s office. The room has no closet (unusual for this house that has large closets in the bedrooms). Makes sense!